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FDI's $400 Billion Secret Ingredient

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eight easy ways to Prepare for M&A Activity in Your Community Raise Your Region's 'Global Business IQ' It is important to raise the "global business IQ" of your elected officials, business leaders and media to improve the environment for future M&A by regular- ly discussing the benefits of global trade and investment. It is also important to host briefings on how trade and investment benefit the region. For added effect, bring in company executives to highlight how the success of their firms depends on the global economy. 1 Track Company Success and Progress Develop, maintain and promote a roster of global companies located in your region. Track whether any of these companies are a result of M&A deals and track how these companies grow post-acquisition (i.e. increased investment, expansion, job creation, new sustainability or charitable efforts). Often, the positive impacts of M&A transactions reveal themselves over several years. Be prepared to share success stories with the public and policymakers. 2 Facilitate Educational Collaboration Invite your existing global companies to help build a curriculum at high school, community college and university levels that provides the skills future employ- ees need to succeed. Global employers not only bring global expertise, they also devote massive resources to workforce training and are often eager to collaborate with local educational institutions. 3 Identify Global Business experts EDOs that connect with these local service providers can offer potential inves- tors key resources when they seek such expertise. In addition, identifying these local experts – who frequently interact with potential investors – could help direct future investment opportunities to the region. 4

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