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FDI's $400 Billion Secret Ingredient

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Create an M&A 'Go-Bag' EDOs can be most helpful immediately after an M&A transaction is announced. Create a M&A Go-Bag: Engage community leaders and elected officials Schedule regular updates with key elected offi cials and community leaders during the critical period of the project. In addition, put a protocol in place to help these offi cials recognize the importance of welcoming the new company. This could be a meeting, phone call, welcome letter or trip abroad to meet the new company's executives. Appoint A senior point-of-contact When 100 CFOs were asked what support their company would fi nd most helpful af- ter a merger or acquisition, the top response was "help facilitating business permitting, licensing and other regulatory matters." Work to eliminate any confusion in the imme- diate aftermath of the announced M&A transaction. Reach out to the new company and offer a single point-of-contact who can streamline communication in the short-term while laying the foundation for future collaboration. For instance, be sure to explain any programs and services available to the company. create A deliberate media plan Reach out to the new company and offer the EDO's leadership team as a resource. Ideas include participating in press conferences and issuing a press release to highlight the value global investment provides to the region. EDOs can educate the community on the short-term and long-term impacts of a foreign acquisition. Every deal involves risks, and every company is unique. There is always po- tential for negative impacts in any M&A transaction. Infl ammatory rhetoric and retalia- tory public policy decisions will likely not reverse a possible negative outcome, but could irreparably harm the region's FDI brand. A negative experience for one global compa- ny may affect how the broader business community views your location as a destination for future investment. If faced with such diffi culty, reiterate your region's long-term FDI objectives to key stakeholders so that your team can position the community as a wel- coming location for global investment. Connect with community partners, suppliers and customers Work to connect the new company to its potential business partners. Ideas include inviting the company to be a featured guest at upcoming meetings in the community, hosting a networking dinner or lunch with existing suppliers and customers or organizing individual meetings at your offi ce. learn M&A Aftercare excellence Read more at

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